MVPLIFESTYLE Stands by all its products, We have created a Delicious and Refreshing line of Smoot Smoothies Especially for you!

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"I love healthy smoothies!! My favorite is the pinacolada, I use organic apple juice, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, bananas, yogurt and ice. The taste of the smoothie is very delicious and the texture is creamy."

Erin Gibsonn
Montreal, Quebec, Canada


"Like most people I have a sweet tooth, I used to eat cereals that where loaded with sugar, it was great at the moment but by mid afternoon I would start to crash and not have much energy. A friend turned me onto Smoot Smoothies, and now they are a total staple in my daily breakfast!"

Abdul Khabir
Dubai, Unites Arab Emirates


"I make a smoothie almost every day. I find it to be a very efficient way to get several servings of fruit as well as other vitamins and nutrients. Most often I use bananas, strawberries, cherries, soy milk and ice. And since I drink my smoothie between breakfast and lunch, I eat a much smaller meal at lunch that I otherwise would. And best of all, it's a sweet treat and a great way to finish up a workday."

Adam Soyer
Sales Associate
Seattle, Washington, USA


"Breakfast, Lunch or dinner I could blend up a Smoot Smoothie anytime! I would say I live an active lifestyle and I don’t always have the time to prepare big meals. My Smoot protein powder, a little fruit, some yogurt or even ice cream when I’m feeling like a treat is a quick and easy way to get what I need when I’m on the go!"

Jennifer Bouchard
Toronto, Ontario, Canada


"I make smoothies several times a week and they definitely give me more energy. One of the reasons for extra energy, aside from the health benefits
of the nutrients, is the fact that a smoothie is an easy, time saving way of getting a full meal in a few minutes, leaving time and energy for
other activities."

Silvio Fuizzo
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

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